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Claim Legally About Benefit of Omega-3 [at] fish.

Klaim Secara Legal Tentang Manfaat Omega-3 pada ikan
Claim Legally About Benefit of Omega-3 [at] fish.

Industri perikanan Inggris secara legal telah mengklaim manfaat omega-3 fatty acids dan mencantumkan pada produk perikanan mereka setelah secara terus-menerus dilakukan studi ilmiah oleh the Scotish Food and Drink Omega-3 Group, the Joint Health Claim Initiative (JHCI).

Industry fishery of English legally have claimed benefit of omega-3 acids fatty and mention [at] product fishery of them after [is] continuously studied erudite by Scotish Food Drink Omega-3 Group and the, Joint Health Claim Initiative the ( JHCI).

Special storey;level of acids fatty, met [at] oleaginous fish, cod suplemen and oil coming from algae have [is] repeatedly proved can lessen risk death of heart attack effect, where industrial during the time legally not yet can / dare to claim benefit of omega-3 and mention [at] tidiness of their product.

That verification have been poured in a[n word which [is] its sound more or less as follows " consuming 3 gram each week, or 0,45 gram every day from enchaining length of omega-3 acids fatty polyunsaturated, as part of life style, will assist to take care of the condition of health of heart". ( Three gram of omega-3 acids fatty [is] byly 2 cutting food of fish of the size mean).

Dr. Ray Rice [is] a expert [is] this area which reside in at the opposite of mission of JHCI which have studied more than 30 year about effect of omega-3 polyunsaturates. He/She tell: " Claim legally about health will give big guarantee to consumer, in consequence will assist they vanish muzziness to the various used logo and claim recently different each other.

Source: Warta Pasar Ikan Edition May 2005.

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