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Conducting Frog Cow (Rana C.)

Conducting Frog Cow

( Rana Catesbiana shaw)


Frog represent one of [the] commodity result of fishery having good prospect, especially to fulfill requirement of exporting. Until frog type moment the exported [is] as haul of nature that is type of Rana and cancrivora of Rana macrodon.

Thereby progressively [is] often [done/conducted] [by] arrest of frog by society, resulting frog population [in] nature on the wane beside frog size measure, becoming is small. On the other hand request of market export high still, like French state, Dutch, Germany and also other state.
To guarantee frog to thigh exporting go out country remain to continue and even can mount, hence needing the existence of development of frog conducting effort.

Frog type which suited for conducting [is] cow frog or referred [as] also " Bullfrog" ( Rana Catesbiana), because this Bullfrog have excess compared to local frog type that is having bigger size measure, quicker growth and earn conducting. Effort this frog conducting can be expected to become one of [the] new effort type and represent extension of employment [in] is rural.

2.1. Habitat and Cycle Life.

Frog have two habitat type. [At] a period of/to tadpole live [in] water, while percil stadia or young frog have needed continent as its life place and just to only once in a while need water. this Frog type usually live pond ditempat-tempat irrigate like lake, rivers and reservoir which [is] its current [do] not too rapid. The frog can live [in] tropical sub and also trop., however its growth will be more quickly tropical sub area. this Frog type represent swimmer quickly, because having strong foot/feet,

Body colour all kinds of and [do] not differentiate female sex and also male, difference of colour sometimes because of influence of sunshine and situation of environment.

In its life cycle, cow frog divided to become 4 ( four ) phase, that is egg, tadpole, adult and percil. Transformation happened [at] tadpole phase become percil phase and this matter [is] referred [as] also transformasi / metamorphose. needed to time perform [a] transformation range from 2-4 months depended from quality of food and water which (is) available in its life media.

2. Habit Eat and its Food.

[At] tadpole stadia more is having the character of " omnivore", so that eat all existing food type, also the including plankton of feeder good [of] and also phytoplankton of zooplankton and also microorganism, and eat also moss. Beside that tadpole also can have the character of " scafenger" or eater of carcass like dead fry etcetera.

From other side natural food, tadpole also can be given [by] food made in smooth. The example like konsentrat as livestock food.

2.3. Difference of Male Frog and Female Frog.

Male Frog

- Radian Size measure [of] eardrum, twice the [is] big the than eye circle
- Husk around throat of chartreuse chromatic
- bigger frontage foot/feet thumb relative
- smaller Body size measure relative
- Owning voice poke which lay between ear drum and foreleg jetty.

Female Frog

- Radian Size measure [of] eardrum relative [is] equal to eye circumference
- Husk around throat of white chromatic with fleck of kehitaman
- smaller frontage thumb relative
- bigger Body size measure relative
- [Do] not have voice poke.


3.1 Place of.

In conservancy of percil of Frog reach consumption size measure needed [by] the place of permanent and closed. Place of expanding [in] society consist of land;ground continent with given [by] crop and some of again bricked up pool.

Pursuant to experience in the reality in cow frog conducting enough use the place of in the form of cement basins, glass fibre or plastic basin. Size measure of[is place of depend on available areal minimize ( 1 x 1 x 1) m3 and to take care of dampness and also arrest;detain direct sunshine, better give [by] protector roof and each;every basin provided with installation irrigate for the inclusion of expenditure and. Form the place of better be foursquare [of] length, this matter [is] meant to water down handling and arrangement of [his/its] place.

3.2. Percil.

looked after [by] Percil [is] body weighing per tail [among/between] 10-15 gram that is percil which have gone with the tide ( newly metamorphose). The Percil can come from result of breeder alone or buy from company of seeding.

3.3. Food.

given Food in the form of pellet with protein content 30 % and side dish able to in the form of maggot, small fish or worm.


Solid [is] dispersion of percil range from 50-100 tail/ m2, [in] labouring size measure of to percil uniform. This matter to avoid the happening of cannibalism.

Food which in the form of pellet given [by] 3-5 times per day in number 3-5% from body weight per day. Side dish can be given at any times.

A period of/to conservancy [is] 3-4 months, pursuant to experience, fairish percil 10-150 gram per tail can reach size measure 100 gram per tail.


[At] disease tadpole phase which [is] sometime met [by] [is] of a kind bacterium with sign go with the tide hurt and squeeze, ever greater longer and finally tail will break. As its prevention, earn input into condensation of PK with dose 10-20 ppm during 15 minute.

Disease [at] percil until adult size measure for example: ulcer ( Disease Ulcerative), ambeien, paralysis of humanity bite effect or pesticide effect. For the disease of ulcer.

its prevention [is] [done/conducted] by nub with creaming antibiotic ( Terramycin) in form of mixed with powder vaseline.

Predator or pest intruder of frog for example snake, crab, eel, wild fish and bird. They are as predator of and also tadpole of percil, therefore making of cage have to really [is] covert from pest attack.

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