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Conducting Tortoise

Conducting Tortoise

Recognition of Type

Name of tortoise ( Sinensis Trionyx) [is] also recognized for the species of (Trionyx cartilagineous) and species of Trionyx other. tortoise looked after in pool. Initially, tortoise of[is including pest, [is] same as eel. cork, and other important commodity. tortoise have high economic value. Almost entire/all part of body of tortoise can be exploited, flesh goodness and also its its[his]. During the time the amount of tortoise fulfilled from natural capture because result of energy kindness not yet its amount signifikan.

oval Body tortoise form or rather ellipse, and attenuate. Its body without black grey chromatic and scale. carapac and of plastron ( undercarriage [of] body which [do] not closed is ) prepacked [of] hard husk. Its its[his] [of] white chromatic turn pale redish till. Husk closed by shield coming from epidermis coat in the form of horn vitamin. Its nose [of] length form tube, like trunk. tortoise is not pronged, but its it[him] very strong and sharply.

Habit of Life [in] Nature.

Tortoise breath in air with lung ( pulmo), both for newly hatch and also adult Tortoise 1. Habit eat. Tortoise eat small prawn and fish [in] nature. [In] pool, Tortoise can be given [by] food in the form of choping up livestock innards;bowels or fish of ruminansia.

2. Habit multiply.
[In] nature, prolific tortoise generally [among/between] Juli-Desember. tortoise multiply by laying eggs ( ovivar). Each time tortoise lay eggs to reach 10-30 item. Chromatic egg of krem with diameter [among/between] 2-3 cm. [released] to be eggs to be piled up in sandy land;ground during more or less 45-50 day [at] temperature 25-30 degre of Celcius.

Chosen Mains.
Tortoise which [is] breeding will [in] breeder pool have to fulfill special conditions, among others old age and size measure. Besides, comparison [among/between] female and male mains have to precisely. As for good female and male mains characteristic as follows.

Mains characteristic which with quality is.

- Age have reached 2 year or more
- its compared to smaller Body size measure [of] male
- short female Mains tail and is not uppermost exit from its its[his]
- Its form [of] him more circular and is thicker
- distance between both longer back foot/feet, because sliverring its bearing with process lay eggs
- Blunt genitals.

– Age have reached 2 year or more
- its female compared to bigger Body size measure, sometime twice the level of
- uppermost and longer male Mains tail [of] exit from its its[his]
- Its form [of] him more oval and and is flimsier
- distance between both shorter back foot/feet
- Fine-Form genitals.

Breeder [in] Pool.
In breeder of tortoise [in] pool require to be paid attention other important factors, like pool construction, preparation of pool, and breeder process.

Pool construction.
Pool breeder of tortoise in form of is square [of] length. Wide [of] [of] pool depended available farm, generally [among/between] 200-300 m2 with height of causeway 1,5-1,75 m. Pool base better arrange in layers sand, while causeway wall laboured [by] wall.

[At] one of [the] pool side made [by] egg cage for the width of 2 m X 2 x m 1 m counted 3. This cage [is] attributed to made link bridge of bamboo matting or board. Target of making of bridge is to facilitate tortoise mains come into him. Egg cage better equip [by] protector to protect egg of direct sun sting and rain. Elementary [of] its cage [is] provided with smooth sand as thick as 20 cm [so that/ to be] easy mains hide its eggs.

Preparation of pool.
Breeder pool dried [by] 3-5 day. Place cage breeder of tortoise strived to be to be hit [by] direct sunshine [so that/ to be] dead disease seed. Hereinafter, mains [entered/included] into pool. As for comparison of female and male mains which married [by] 1 4. Its meaning, a tortoise male expected can marry 4 female tortoise mains tail.

Breeder usually happened [at] 7-12 day after mains dispersion. Mains will lay eggs at night, [among/between] at 20.00-02.00. A female mains usually will yield 30-40 egg item. bulbous Egg tortoise form [of] chromatic ping-pony of krem egg size measure and usually have diameter [to] [among/between]. 1-3 cm.

Egg which finish to be [released] by mains have to [is] immediately carried over in incubator room or room hatch of egg. Whereas egg which in sand hoard can be [released] by using appliance or hand assist like spade.

Hatch of Egg and Treatment of Seed.
Eggs compiled regularly in filled [by] hatch box [is] sand as thick as 5 cm. The box fairish 40 x cm 60 x cm 5 cm. Besides, provided also baskom contain parallel attached water with surface of floor. This washbasin. will be required by swooping after exit of egg.

During hatch process, room temperature laboured [by] [among/between] 29-33 degre of Celcius with dampness 85-95%. Egg will hatch after 40-45 day [at] temperature 30 degre of celcius. But, sometime egg will hatch after 60 day.

After hatching, swoop direct look for water which have been provided in washbasin. Weight swoop hatching to gyrate 7-9,3 g / tail. Swoop new hatch not yet required food from outside because permeating food of brought sack yolk [it] from the day borned.

F. Conservancy of Seed. After fifth day, swoop to be arrested to be carried over [by] pool conservancy of seed. Wide [of] [of] pool conservancy of seed usually [about/around] 100-600 m2, depended available farm. Pool base of pendederan sandy with height of water gyrate 50-75 cm. Pool which [is] its water too in, will complicate tortoise to take direct oxygen from the air.

Density of dispersion pool 45-50 tail / m2. Old [of] conservancy swoop [in] the pool during 2 months. During conservancy, swoop to be given [by] food in the form of choping up fish flesh. given food counted 5% from tortoise weight which [is] disperse. The food placed [by] [in] pool periphery, [at] boundary water level of pool. [Gift/ giving] of food [done/conducted] [by] evening and morning.

tortoise like to sun so that 1 / 3 part of pool given [by] protector crop in the form of water crop. Besides, pool some part given [by] place sun from board which can float.

Wide [of] [of] magnification pool vary [among/between] 100-600 m2. Pool which too big will complicate checking, while undersize pool less effective because amount of young tortoise which [is] its amount disperse a few/little. Height of minimum magnification pool water 75 cm.

Swoop which [is] disperse into magnification pool old age 2 months. its size measure [of] uniform. Dispersion [done/conducted] [at] evening or morning [so that/ to be] swooping [do] not stres. Density of dispersion that is 8-10 tail / m2.

To reach size measure 300-600 g / tail, a swooping to require time 3-6 months. Crop [is] usually [done/conducted] [by] after looked after during 6-7 weighing months 700-800 g / tail. To reach adult size measure, swoop to require time 2-3 year. Furthermore magnification only [done/conducted] to yield tortoise mains because most consumption size measure desired [by] consumer that is 700-800 g / tail, less than 1 singk.

Source : Conducting Fish [in] Lawn of Heru Susanto.

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