Minggu, 06 Juli 2008

Fish Prevent Baby Born Prematurely

Fish Prevent Baby Born Prematurely.

One of [the] benefit consume fish regularly in the reality can prevent baby born prematurely. To pregnant mother which [is] ratio consume sea fish with quality of good ( [about/around] sehan gr l5) baby will born normal body weighing.

Research have been [done/conducted] [at] a number of pregnant woman which during a period of/to its pregnancy consume fish. On the contrary woman which consuming fish once within a week have risk bear premature baby or according to month;moon but baby body weight less.

Dr. Sally Cubbin of BUPA'S leading research [in] Denmark tell " To adult, consuming useful fish improve;repair health of body. Fish have the quality of good protein. And so do [at] balita, obstetrical [of] alpha acid of linolenat acid and of linoleat be of benefit to health as well as growth of [his/its] brain."

Source : Proclaim Cakalang Edition of II Februari 2005 BPPP Ambon.

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