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– How to make pool desain of koi good + Pool Desain depended from wide [of] available land;ground. If land;ground enough wide [of], can be made [by] crankle pool and one with garden device. But, if available land;ground [do] not too wide [of] or narrow, made pool form not many choice, radian namely square or [of] length.

Some factor becoming supporter of[is beauty [of] a pool [is] pool construction, installation of pool installation, and painting of pool. Elementary [of] pool have to be adapted for [by] situation of land;ground. If condition of stable land;ground and is not aqueous, pool construction can be made by using piling. Each;Every [is] square meters attached [by] four piling.

But, if labile land;ground or its wet condition, have to be made [by] strong fondasi into land;ground in the form of concrete cor or of dolken. When making pool base, don't forget to think of installation of pool installation, for example pipe which can be attributed to pump sucker of pump and dirt sucker of water. Hereinafter, sucked to be water to be poured into in control basin. And control basin, water channelled with pump [go] to system of filter which consist of five basin. Hole irrigate [in] each;every basin made at intervals below/under and at elbow surface of basin. empty First basin, only functioning to precipitated dirty water.

Four other basin contain filter. Besides expenditure pipe, [in] pool base also have to be attached current pipe [so that/ to be] water can rotate.

Installation pool ichnograph. Water hole have to be made at intervals.

After installation attached is natty, next work [is] to attenuate and paint pool base. Target of painting is to deodorize cement, preventing moss, and pool memperindah. But, some people exactly prefer to let its pool [do] not be painted and added [by] natural stoney ornamen [so that/ to be] impressing more natural.

source : KOI revise, 2002.

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