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Fishery sector represent one part of the in accomplishment of prosperity of society through sufficiency of protein. To support efficacy of fishery area specially product increase of fishery of freshwater, needed [by] technological and pre-eminent seed precisely utilize easy [is] application by consumer society [pass/through] technological information [of] fishery conducting.


Which require to be paid attention in [doing/conducting] bream conducting, that is:

Location Choice Of Pool :

- Available Amount of water required during the year; quality of clean water / is not impure; pH gyrate 6,5-8; temperature irrigate 24-28oC
- [Is] easy to reached and is free [of] floods
- Elementary land;ground [of] hard type pool / clay, axis [do] not and enough contain humus
- Inclination of land;ground gyrate 3-5
- Tired height 50-500 dpl m
- Deepness of pool 50-100 cm / according to requirement.

Election of Seed
" A bit of blood : healthy, resisten to disease, its nimble movement, respon to food.

System and Management Conducting
- Preparation of farm
- Draining, piracy and flattening of elementary land;ground [of] pool
- Repair of causeway and making of ditch
- [Gift/ giving] of chalk 20-200 g / m2
- Fertilization 500-700 g / m2
- Installation of water filter
- Admission filling of pool water step by step, let ± 7 day to give opportunity of[is growing of natural food.

" Execution of conducting

- Seed dispersion at the (time) of air is not hot ( treatment of adjustment of temperature) beforehand is. Solid [of] disperse adapted for to pay attention efficiency
- [Gift/ giving] of good pakan with quality with dose 2-5% body wight or by adlibitum ( fully filled until

- Treatment during conservancy
Controlling the quality of water ( source of water, rest of food) and causeway
Eradication of disease and pest.

" Cropping
Cropping [done/conducted] [by] after tired fish [of] wanted size measure either through totalizeing and also harvest some of.

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