Kamis, 26 Juni 2008


Myxosporesis à Myxobolus sp. ( type of sporozoa)
Part of which [is] attacked : gill, fish flesh, ( generally Seed fish)
characteristic : white bump like tumor ( globular kista) / referred [as] [by] ellipse [of] Myxosporesis.
virulesi : Myxobolus generate death 90
Form Cyst very [is] difficult fought against / there is no therapy
Treatment : preparation of pool, control to health of fish, density, water quality and food, lessening fertility of pool, fish which [is] infection taken / to be dissociated.

White Spot à Ichthyopthyrius multifiliis (type of ciliata)
- Part of which [is] attacked : husk, fin, and gill
- Characteristic Physical : weak, pale, passion eat to decrease, hop
- Symptom of Klinis : pock / white blot
- Treatment : Preparation of pool, Control to Quality of water, health, density, fish food, fish which [is] infection taken / to be dissociated.

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