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Some Type conducting Gouramy fish able to by us as breeder of fish

Some Type conducting Gouramy fish able to by us as breeder of fish

1. Gouramy Goose or Gouramy Soang ( gourami geese)
Ggrey white chromatic body, and big scaly. compared to long and bigger Body size measure [of] other type. maximal Body length 65 cm. If/When looked after better, its wight can reach 8 - 2 Singk per tail. Growth and growth of [his/its] body also more fast. Egg yielded by female mains more

2. Gouramy Purwokerto
Distinguish Gouramy purwokerto body colour [do] not far differ from Gourami of soang, ashes black. body length and wight also as does soang gurame. uppermost Other characteristic of gurame this type of [is] its quicker growth from [at] other gurame.

3. Gouramy Jepun ( gourami japonica)
Distinguish its japan gouramy [of] him [do] not too big, only reaching 3,5 singk / tail. Its shorter body even also compared to with other type. Maximum 45 cm. red and ashes white body colour

4. Gouramy Porselen
Distinguish its body colour porselen gouramy [of] silver and is pink ( fair ). of the size lead small relative. Porselen Gouramy have ability yield more egg so that good to activity of seeding. yielded egg can reach 10.000 item / mains tail compared to other type which only can yield 2.000 3. 000 item / mains tail for the weight of [is] same body. Gouramy Porselen at most searched by breeder of fish of gouramy because can yield egg which many so that can to the advantage of pembenih of fish of gourami. Heavy [of] mains of Gouramy Porselen 1,5 - 2 singk.

5. Gouramy Blausafir distinguish its Gouramy Blausafir body [of] chromatic more fair. Fish which have become mains and have tired length memijah 35 weighing cm 4 singk / tail. Type of Blausafir can yield egg which many with amount of tired egg 5.000 item / mains

6. Gouramy Paris Distinguish fair Paris Body chromatic gouramy with sisik rather smooth. smaller body size measure compared to with other type. Ability yield more egg, [about/around] 5.000 - 7.000 item per mains

7. Gouramy Hybrid Distinguish hybrid gouramy, mains of gouramy hybrid more knowledgeable by [all] breeder as pedaging gouramy, having big sisik with colour rather kehitaman. artless white Chromatic head. Because of excellence, this hybrid gouramy [is] recognized [by] society as choice gouramy.

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