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Fish as health friend (it) is true become a[n motto which must and often possible we [do/conduct], because fish can fortify body of heart sickness and can assist to overcome pimple and make ageless us. Why that way good for? From result of research, please prove that heart sickness " shy at" visiting Eskimo people because they have fortified their x'self with consuming many fish. From result of research also indicate that one who consume adequate fish in number in the reality have smaller risk suffer trouble of kardiovaskular, because rich cod [of] fat acid of omega-3 assisting to clean poisons [in] body and heart by improving process of antikoagulasi ( anti cloting) blood. Its way, by lessening abnormal cloting that happened blockade able to be venous [of] artery and harden venous wall, which is [is] ordinary to be referred [as] with arteriosckerosis.

Research also indicate that omega fat acid 3 can give effect which are positive, goodness in overcoming arthritis, asthma, even and pimple of depresi. So That American Heart Association a[n health institute [in] United States recommend its citizen to consume fish at least twice within a week. professor of Dr.William Lands professor [in] chemical area [of] Doctor and biology of Alexander Leaf of University Illinois of [in] Chicago find that cod earn also degrade blood pressure , and also can prevent the happening of abnormal heart rhythm which oftentimes cause fatally.

But lived on fish non meaning us then free from health problem, we also have to know some its order, among others : ( 1) often consume fish ; ( 2) changing loaded old menu [of] cholesterol and fat with more varying fish menu; ( 3) fish owning the source of omega 3 many its its[his] : fish of herring, sardine, salmon, poor, mackerel, trout lake and of bluefish. Tuna represent fish which relative [is] easy to got, rich with omega 3 pregnant many needed [by] essensial nutrisi body.
Recognizing Value of Nutrient Fish.

After us know many fish benefit, have deservedly we also know value of gizi which consist in [at] fish. Fish consist of sea and bream, where both representing food of[is source of very important protein. Pregnant fish 18 [gratuity/ %] of sour protein [of] esensial amino which [do] not destroy when ripening, obstetrical [of] fat had [by] 1-20 [gratuity/ %] of fat which is [is] easy to be digested direct and also can be used by body network. Obstetrical [of] its fat most [is] unsatiated fat acid which required for growth and can degrade blood kolestrol. Fat represent one of [the] big element in fish besides protein, mineral and vitamin.

Result of research [all] expert find sour composition [of] amino in food-stuff of hewani as according to network composition in human being body, because of there [is] this equality hence protein of fish, flesh, milk, egg and poultry have value of nutrient high. Fish [is] often conceived of [by] food for the intellegence of. Fish as food of[is source of high protein. If/When in everyday menu [of] us serve fish, hence us give high contribution [at] our body network. Protein fish imbibition of lebihtinggi compared to flesh of sapi,ayam and is other, why that way ? Because fish flesh have shorter protein fibres than beef fibres or chicken. For the reason its product result and fish exploited [by] many people who find difficulties digesting, because all [is] easy to digested. Existing vitamin in fish also all kinds of that is vitamin of A,D,Thiamin,Riboflavin, and Niacin. Fish also contain mineral which [is] same more or less to the number of with existing mineral in milk like kalsium,phosphor will be more be compared to high [of] milk.
There [is] two vitamin group in fish that is dissolve in water and dissolve in dissolve oil in oil that is vitamin of A and of D existing in cod.. dissolve vitamin in water and there are in fish there [is] 4 kinds of which included in vitamin set of relatives of B that is B6, B12, Biolin, and Niacin. Amount of this vitamin more there are [at] fish flesh which [is] darker chromatic, and from fish flesh which [is] white chromatic [is] amount of Its vitamin [of] him much the same to with amount of vitamin in chicken or beef.

Mineral in Fish.
Fish have many mineral among others magnesium, phosphor, iodium, fluor, ferrum, copper, and zinc of selenium. Fish of sea containing many iodium which good for preventing and mumps of iq low to child.

Fish non as source of calcium otherwise can be eaten with its bone. Selenium represent mineral which there are in fish and in our body work along with E viatamin as Iihat vitamin of antioksidan to slow down sour oxidation [of] unsatiated fat.

Besides selenium with E vit also will maintain network elasticity and if/when selenium less in body hence will happened aging premature, that is a[n situation where someone look [is] older the than its age. Fish also contain many fluor, children getting enough flour in its food [of] its tooth will be more be healthy.

For the reason let us fond of to consume fish, because besides very useful fish also [is] easy to got [by] because our country [of] archipelago country. A wise mother better defin fish since baby child pass rice porridge, because its value [of] high him for its growth also so that if is big [of] child will fond of to eat fish ( Source of : various materials )

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