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Things which must be paid attention when will breed koi [is] the availibility of pool, supply of mains of koi, ready [of] seed food, and treatment of tight selection.

Pool Breeder.

Pool Breeder not possible (to) become one with garden pool. Pool Breeder have to have inclusion door and door expenditure of separate water. Besides, entire/all pool have to be plastered and can be dried finely. Wide [of] Breeder pool vary. For narrow;tight pool can use pool for the width of 3-6 m2 with deepness 0,5 m. Pool location enough get sunshine, [do] not too roaring, [is] covert from children reach and other concubine animal.

If possible, providing also pool hatch of egg, and place treatment of seed. Hatch pool, its for can be square [of] length or is circular. If circular pool, its diameter [among/between] 1,5-2 m. One pool if there [is], that is pool to grow natural food which weared for the supply of seed food if its egg yolk have [used up/finished]. Deepness of pool [about/around] 30 cm. Wide [of] [of] pool [among/between] 6-10 m2, adequate enough. To owning money enough, pool wall can be endued [by] vinyl, that is ordinary materials to make basin of fiberglass. With vinyl coat, the pools more well guaranted its hygiene and effect of cement can be eliminated.

Select Mains.
Especial Condition [of] mains [is] mains candidate have matured genitals and mature body. Matured [of] its meaning genitals [of] masculine mains have yielded female mains and sperma have yielded matured egg. Mature its meaning body, physically they have ready to become productive mainss. Other condition [of] its prima physical, [do] not handicap. Its complete fins, also its its[his].

Its movement [of] classyness, well-balanced, [do] not weaken. Minimum age 2 year [at] male, clan 3 year [at] is female. compared to bigger Female [of] male, its stomach seen compared to bigger [of] back. masculine on the contrary, more slender and its stomach flatten if seen from back. masculine Chest mains fin ready to marry will emerge white fleck.

A female mains relate to 2 or 3 masculine mains. If a female only given a male [in] breeder pool and at haphazard its male [of] ngadat, fail breeder. By providing masculine stok more than one, failure of breeder can avoid. To be suggested not to to use nicest mains stok, because its bad clan usually. Children not yet of course as good as its mains. Which [is] breeding better run of the mill koi, but still have the nature of exeeding, like its condensed colour. At the (time) of seed selection, later can be selected is which [is] which are good and is which [is] which are is bad.

Preparation of Pool.

First time which must be drawn up for breeder [is] pool. Pool dried [by] below/under sunlight. Inclusion door attached [by] filter to shuting-out fish [him/ it] a thousand or other water pest. [At] dismissal door attached [by] filter to prevent egg which possible drift. egg of Koi patch ( adesip) in character. Usually koi will lay eggs below/under materials or crop any kind of which can wear to paste up its egg. Therefore provide place paste up adequate egg egg of to koi can safe.

place patch egg can use kakaban ( place patch made egg [him/it] of fibre of palmtree materials , weared for the breeding of goldfish. Kakaban made of [by] nipped fibre of palmtree with bamboo blade and nailed [by] me. good Kakaban [is] made from long fibre of palmtree and flatten, size measure of kakaban 40 wide cm and 120 long cm. amount of needed to be kakaban to be adapted for is big [of] female mains, usually 4-6 to each;every 1 female mains singk. [So that/ to be] can float, kakaban compiled [by] above bamboo rasher which still is intact. Above kakaban given [by] blade of bamboo and bound corps of to kakaban [do] not tercerai-berai when prolific mains couple. Before attached, kakaban cleaned, to be cleaned, and rinsed [so that/ to be] freing from mud.

Kakaban attached [by] after pool filled [by] water. Water always empty into breeder pool to stimulate couple of koi to be prolific. Besides kakaban, place patch egg can also use crop irrigate like compiled Hydrilla or string cutting in the place of fibre of palmtree.

Execution of Breeder.
Mains [entered/included] [by] [about/around] at 16.00 and will start midnight prolific. Female mains will swim to encircle pool followed [by] masculine mains rear. More and more their movement llama more and more to exclaim. Masculine mains paste up its body when following female mains. At its height, female mains will [release] its egg once in a while hop into the air. this Female Aktifitas [is] immediately followed [by] male by [releasing] dilution of sperma.

hit [by] eggs [is] sperma will patch [at] materials or kakaban paste up hard and other egg release. Also there are some egg which fall to pool base. Marriage finish [at] morning. Mains [is] immediately disjointed with its egg. If losing time, egg can be eaten [used up/finished] by its mains. There [is] two way of to dissociate mains of yielded egg. First, by removing mains of breeder pool and remain to let egg hatch [in] pool. Way of [both/ second] by removing egg to hatch pool. Way of first more practical because more economical farm ( pool).

To prevent in order not to be attacked mushroom, eggs soaked first in condensation of Malachytgreen with dose 1 / 300.000 during 15 minute before put [in] hatch pool. When will soak this eggs, better kakaban shaken down [at] water [so that/ to be] dirt which possible close over egg can release.

hatch of Egg.
[So that/ to be] hatching better, egg have to always sink and water temperature remain to be constant. If temperature too is cool, hatch will take place llama. If temperature too high, egg can die and decay. [So that/ to be] egg can terendam all, network of kakaban have to " be engulfed" into pool. For that can wear banana tree bar service. Crosscut three banana bar as long as 40 cm, last put down above kakaban with two joint bamboo as its pallet. [So that/ to be] can stabilize, banana bar smoothed down one of [the] its side.

In tempo 2-3 egg day of koi have started to hatch. After hatching kakaban lifted and carried over [by] other place. Later kakaban can wear again in other opportunity. seed of Koi old age one week still is soft. Generally people incubate egg of koi in hapa that is sack;bag which [is] have ordinary soft eye [to] to accomodate seed. [In] net, seed of koi collected easier and [do] not drift brought current.

New Koi hatch still bring egg yolk as supply of first especial food. During that they not yet required food from outside because its digestion not yet been formed [by] perfection. Two or three-day later;then, they have started to swim. In this time the up for providing food to seed. This seed have to be carried over [by] magnification pool which containing many natural food.

Treatment of Seed.
Seed which have swum free have to be carried over [by] magnification pool. this Magnification pool have to be drawn up, [so that/ to be] growed [by] natural pakan, one week before pemijahan. As for its preparation stages;steps as follows. Pool dried [by] during two-day below/under sunlight and sprayed with pesticide [so that/ to be] animal which [do] not desire [by] death. pesticide weared [by] Dipherex or of Nogos with dose 0,5-1,0 ppm. Later;Then to provide natural food in the form of lilliputian animal, pool fertilized with chicken dirt and hay. hay overlaped with stone and put down [by] [in] pool sudutsudut. Dirt chicken volume 1,5 singk / m2. Door inclusion of water to pool have to give [by] filter.

In a few day, hit [by] water [is] hay will turn colour to become to squeeze chocolate. But, few days later;then will be clear return. If [gift/ giving] of chicken dirt and precise hay, in a few day later;then will grow and infusoria of fitoplankton. At the moment seeds of koi have [in] including after more or less ten day, daphnia will grow. Otherwise can grow natural food, perforced to give seed food of koi with food made in like stewed egg yolk, prawn flour, milk powder for the calf of, and special flour food for koi. To take care of water [do] not decay by rest of food made in, [in] pool [entered/included] [by] new water [so that/ to be] rest of food drift.

Select Seed.
Activity most difficult from network activity of breeder [is] selection of seed. Selection [done/conducted] [by] when seed old age 1 till 3 months, and seed dissociated according to size measure grow and its type. There are some tail of koi which generally grow big too, while some of again very tardy. This selection also assist koi which [is] its tardy growth can grow normal return.

During 1-3 selection months [done/conducted] [by] counted 3 or 4 times. First selection, [done/conducted] [by] [about/around] 2 week after hatching to Showa, 50 day after hatching for Ogan, 60 day for Kohaku and Taisho-Sanke. Seed which is [is] defect to be marked ruddled is, white, or just black. Usually from amount of seed hatching, good only 10-20%. [done/conducted] [both/ second] Selection to determine colour pattern and quality as a whole. After finishing selection, fewer best seed which still remain.

Seed selection only can be [done/conducted] truly by they which have close to koi. Eyesight which is [is] keen to be needed to to get good seeds [is] its quality. In general seeds of koi which get away selection have the following marking
- Body and [his/its] normal fin, [do] not handicap
- its Body colour have looked is uppermost, as according to its its[his]
- White colour, red, black or turn yellow to look clear [do] not be mixed with other colour.

source : Heru Susanto , 'KOI"

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