Senin, 07 Juli 2008


( Betta Splendens)
For the conducting of fish of cupang, place of representing preparation early conducting. Place of used for masculine mains enough [at] toples - small toples and kept individually, while for female mains can be placed [at] fairish aquarium 100 x 50 x 33 cm, with volume irrigate 100 litre. Place of used for the conducting of fish of cupang previous have didesinfektan with condensation of PK, and water used for the conducting of fish of cupang use cassia alata leaf immersion water which have been precipitated [by] during 24 [hour/clock].

Fish mains of cupang breeding to be minimum old age 5 months, matured [of] genitals, healthy and have never been come down with or pest, good [of] masculine mains and or female mains. Breeder of fish of cupang [done/conducted] naturally. Medium used for breeder by using fairish aquarium 25 x 15 x 15 cm, later;then the aquarium filled [by] cassia alata leaf sediment water [is] and also given [by] a few/little salt. Later;Then [in] leaf input of gulma as substrat to paste up egg. Egg will hatch after larva old age 2 - 3 day. New larva hatch [do] not feed [by] because still have egg yolk ( yolk). After the egg yolk [used up/finished], the larva just fed. Infusoria represent passed to food early life of fish of cupang.

Conservancy of seed [done/conducted] [by] after larva old age 1 months. Conservancy [done/conducted] [at] fairish cement basin 2,5 x 2,5 x 0,4 m. Previously basin prepared with, cleaned beforehand. Water the used [is] cassia alata leaf immersion water which have been precipitated to minimize one day, [is] later;then given [by] crop of gulma to close over water level so that [is] covert from sun sting.

[Gift/ giving] of food adapted for [by] requirement of fish. Food able to be used for the fish of cupang very immeasurable like infusoria, wiggler ( cuk), water bug ( and daphnia of moina), silk worm ( tubifex), and blood worm ( worm blood). Things which must be paid attention during conservancy of larva until cropping [is] to take care of the condition of fish [so that/ to be] remain to be healthy and have liver - liver during handling to avoid the happening of hurt effect of friction and take care of the quality of water.

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