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a. Recognition Of Type.
Bitter Fish which have erudite name ( Trichogaster pectoralis of Regan). Long Physique, flat aside ( compressed). High [of] body 2,2 - 3 times standard length. Small mouth and can be peeped out. first Fin stomach radius experience of change or modification become long filament till reach tail. Body colour [at] green back area [of] darkness, while [at] shares side from other side bolder chromatic scales, there are transverses [at] body and head.

b. Habit of life. fish of Snakeskin gourami come from Thailand. [In] this fish nature [of] life [at] bog having low pH. In Indonesia this fish earn life [at] gyration 4 9. This fish earn hidu [at] temperature gyration 25 - 350 C.

1. Habit Eat.
There [is] equation of larva with adult fishs of food took a fancy to so that will facilitate conservancy of this fish. Adult fish take a fancy to fitoplankton of the size and its composition still is soft. faction of Zooplankton took a fancy to by adult fish [of] Ciliata, Rotifera, Cladocera, Copepoda, and Chlorophyceae. Besides this fish take a fancy to rotten high level plant. Whereas faction of fitoplankton : Bacillariphyceae, Cyanophyceae, and Flagellata.

2. Habit multiply.

To be compared to fish of ordo other Labyrinthici for example gurame, this fish have different habit. If/When fish of gurame make den before executing its marriage hence bitter fish [of] this siam like to make balloon. made balloon represent spume bubbles which [is] usually drawn up [by] if/when is prolific. Fish which have can [do/conduct] that thing usually bitter fish which [is] have age [to] 7 months to to the. If/When old age less than that, the fish not yet can.
Egg [released] by female mains usually [about/around] 7.000 - 8.000 item, but usually becoming seed only [about/around] 4.000 tail. This matter because of [do] not all fruit egg by masculine sperma or caused by which [do] not hatch. But, can also seeds which have hatched that die because [do] not hold up to vinicity environment. getting commutation of water, for example [in] waste basin, sand dig pool, or just water pond.

c. Chosening Mains.
Characteristic Mains which with quality is :
- Age have reached 7 months
- Healthy
- [Do] not handicap.

- Age have reached 7 months
- Healthy
- [Do] not handicap.

Breeder [in] pool
1. Pool breeder construction.
Bitter Snakeskin gourami [do] not require big current in breeder of it as does family fishs of Cyprinidae. Even, [in] basin suffused even also this fish will look for couple, making den, and marry. But, if/when wanted the effort this energy kindness is not fluent, better be provided [by] pool of pemijahan good enough as does other fish. The pool can [is] easily [entered/included] [by] water and dried. Wide [of] farm of breeder depended available farm, usually [among/between] 200 - 300 m2 with depth of water [about/around] 70 - 100 m. oblique Breeder pool up at door expenditure of water and have kemalir basically its pool. Pool have to [is] always controlled in order not to experience of undesirable leakage.

2. Preparation of breeder.
Pool which have been dried to be filled [by] water till height 70 - 100 cm. Before [done/conducted] [by] seed dispersion, one week or ten previous day [of] pool may give [by] cage manure. This [is] meant to provide natural food for the requirement of seed after egg yolk of the larva [used up/finished]. Later;Then, inclusion door and door expenditure of water closed during one week. Afterwards, bitter mains which have chosen can be packed into pool of pemijahan with comparison 1 : 1 [among/between] female and masculine mains.

Masculine mains measure up to to make den before [doing/conducting] breeder so that [at] water level of pool have to be provided [by] materials to protect made den [it]. the Protector materials can in the form of fresh paddy hay. Paddy disperse hay flatten [at] entire/all surface of pool, especially [at] part of its periphery. Materials.

this protector of vital importance because besides protecting against rainwater, also protect against wind incursion which sometime out of all patience. Inclusion of just water in a fashion to change missing water because condensing and leak from causeway which [is] keropos. Inclusion of too rapid water of egg menghayutkan and fertile water [of] result. fertilization.

3. Breeder.
Good Breeder according to some opinion usually which [is] [done/conducted] at the (time) of dry season because egg [do] not destroy to born down upon stable temperature and rainwater. Masculine fish usually will make den foam below/under hay which have been provided to float on the surface of pool. Making of this den [is] [done/conducted] during rather old [about/around] 1-2 day. Usually, air bubble ( formed [by] buih) have diameter [to] 1,5 - 3 mm. At the (time) of masculine fish make den, its conduct rather changing that is is fierce. This fish will not let other fish come near its den, including female mains. If (there are) any bothering, that fish dissipating of till go out from its its[his]. But, so den have been made, its conduct will turn into gentlely, especially to female mains.

With spume den capital, is not difficult to masculine mains to captivate female which have matured egg. The eggs will float below/under den foam because this masculine mains take care of female mains under den which have woke up of. Fruit eggs which have will hatch after 2 - 3 day since impregnation. Like fish of lele, what take care of its child [is] [his/its] masculine mains. Therefore, masculine mains faithfully and fierce to sometime take care of its childs, especially [at] other fish trouble which mean preying [him/ it].

New larva hatch not yet required food from outside because still eat its egg yolk. Till seventh day, bitter seed newly require food from outside, that is available plankton [in] breeder pool.

In this breeder pool, eggs let to hatch and its big larva together with its mains till old age one months. After one months, fish mains have may be locked out of [by] its childs, [is] then returned to pool conservancy of mains, while this bitter children can be looked after [by] [in] separate pool.

E. Magnification.
Magnification of fish of snakeskin gourami have may be [done/conducted] [by] since bitter old age 2 months. Usually, the fish have is fairish. as long as 5-6 cm. [At] that age, fish assumed [by] have protected x'self of fish attack to prey and compete to look for pakan with other fish. Preparation of magnification pool [done/conducted] as does for breeder that is pool have to be fertilized beforehand to grow natural pakan [of] fish. But, for the magnification of seed of snakeskin gourami may not rely on just natural food because will annoyed its growth.

[The] mentioned caused [by] natural food able to grow and grown [by] [in] the pool limited its amount. To obtain;get expected growth, supply fish have to pakan from outside pool, good in the form of flour ( bran, leaf flour), and also kangkung, lemna, cassava leaf, and others.

Growth of fish of snakeskin gourami [in] pool which have been fertilized with [gift/ giving] of side dish will reach 7-9 cm after age 3 months since hatch. [At] age 6 months, long totalize fish can reach 10-12 cm. Therefore, no wonder if/when pool production weared [by] magnification of this bitter fish can reach 230 - 350 kg/ha/year.

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