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Growth Hormone ( GH) and Its [his/its].

Antecedent. Human being naturally have brought given ability in the form of energy create karsa, and feel, third [the] mentioned expand because human being have to live and have to can answer the demand [of] requirement of [his/its] life [in] this world, for that human being have to process and sharpen creature energy, karsa and likely [is] so that created and expand iptek ( technology and science).

For example in fishery area iptek especially fish conducting have expanded to reach trangenik iptek [at] fish and till now teiah [done/conducted] [by] GH transgenik ( Growth Hormone), this iptek expand background overshadow by empirical study bacillus [of] or endocrine of hormonal indicating that growth of animal or fish very influenced by GH ( Growth Hormone) or growth hormone, to prove the the hypothesis have been [done/conducted] [by] various research with applying of various means GH to earn disekresikan so that rate of GH in blood can be improved or can be pursued, with effect, if GH stimulated so that its rate in blood mount can improve growth, conversely if GH pursued [by] hence its growth will be downhill,

according to Peter and of Marchant ( 1995) from result of various research [at] fish indicate that there are some hormone which play a part in GH sekresi menstimulasi that is dopamin, hormone tirotropin-releasing, Releasing factor GH, Gn-Rh, neuro peptide of Y, noreepineprin, and there [is] also hormone which share in pursuing GH sekres that is serotonin, somatostatin. Furthermore said that with progress of area of iptek biological [of] molekuler have also brought fishery area specially territorial water conducting in the field of technology of transgenik.

[At] this article will study [by] growth of transgenik pursuant to science philosophy cover ontology study to study what and how transgenik iptek [at] fish hereinafter study of epistemologi to study about process or method which [is] used In development of trangenik iptek [at] mentioned fish, as for study of aksiologi which studying, benefit of iptek transgenik [at] fish and also teleology study to study expectation of iptek, transgenik [at] fish a period of/to to come.

Evaluation Ontology . In this study [of] ontology study will study what and how transgenik iptek [at] fish.

definition of Transgenik [at] livestock animal or fish in general [is] to input of DNA rekombinan which have . been controlled- Kedalam Genom so that DNA which [is] this dimsukan can develop one of [the] aspect of productivity, also its DNA effect can be degraded to its child ( Palmiter and of Brinster, 1985 in Hovath and of Orban, 1995), as for technique applying of gene transgenik of GH in principle remove gene of GH which have been controlled with a purpose to. [so that/ to be] endocrine as producer of GH of the hormone sekresi more, gone up hormone rate of GH in this blood theoretically will! race storey;level growth of fish.

Evaluation of Epistimologi. Study of Epistemologi [at] this study will study about process or method which [is] used in development of transgenik iptek [at] fish, the following.

Growth Hormone ( GH) and Its [his/its].

a. Sintesis GH.

Growth Hormone ( GH) or growth hormone [done/conducted] [by] sintesis in somatotrop, namely cell group sub of asidofilik hipofise, somatotrop represent its its[his] most cell in gland of hifofisa

Concentration of GH in hipofisa [is] 5-15 mg / g, what much higher from [at] amount of mikrogram per hormone gram of hipofise other. GH represent single polipeptida with a period of/to molecule [about/around] 22 kDa at all of mammal species ( Granner., 1997). Medium [at] goldfish of GH consist of 188 acid of amino by 5 sistein residu, on the contrary [at] other fish only containing 4 sistein residu ( Et at Chang, 1992 in Peter and of Marchant 1995).

Receptor GH.

In its action [of] GH need hormone reseptor, and according to Granner ( 1997; please express that hormone reseptor of GH represent member of superfamili sitokininhematopoitin reseptor, this reseptor in the form of protein with molecule weight 70kDa and have domain tenter of single membrane. Cordage of hormone of GH in cell wall will result......

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