Rabu, 30 Juli 2008

Habit multiply goldfish.

Habit multiply goldfish.

As does other fish which pertained family of Cyprinidae, goldfish [is] not at all have instinct to take care of or protect its clan. Therefore, everything related to propagation of [him/ it] become owner responsibility at the same time its entrepreneur. Goldfish have viscous egg or equally the nature of its egg [of] adhesive or patch. Habit before [doing/conducting] breeder [in] nature [is] to look for leafy place with crop irrigate or grass closing over surface of territorial water. Fish which have is adult [of] kan very easy find place required to attach its egg.

Because of its habit this, orang.Jerman always cultivate pool breeder of goldfish with high grass in the middle of pool. There [is] planting grass semi from breeder pool, entirety, or there [is] also cultivating [it] [at] middle shares [of] him. There [is] also utilizing water crop floating like ( thyroid enceng , which take root length and is leafy. Viscosity [of] spawn of mas this [is] caused [by] the existence of coat of globulins. spawn of Mas which have stick [at] fibre of palmtree ( kakaban) will not fall though born down upon rather boisterous current. If/When forced to get out of fibre of palmtree hence egg will destroy.

[In] nature, this prolific fish during the year without recognizing season. but, there are some opinion telling usually breeder happened as long as just rain season. Possible opinion [is] correctness, if/when seeing habit of farmer of fish marrying this goldfish with environmental manipulation beforehand. Genitals maturity [at] masculine fish usually in advance from female fish. Therefore, [is] often found [by] [all] farmer marrying goldfish femalely fairish 2 or 3 singk with male which only 1 / 2 singk.

Masculine fish have ability yield sperma [at] relatively young age, that is [about/around] 6 months. Whereas female fish newly can mature genitals after old age more than 6 months, depend on strain or its its[his].

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