Rabu, 30 Juli 2008

lchthyophthiriasis (disease at fish)

1. lchthyophthiriasis.
Its cause [is] lchthyophthirius multifiliis. This disease [is] often referred [as] with disease of white blot as according to symptom of klinis generated [it]. Fish infection type able to by this disease [is] most of all bream type. including decorative fish. Fish size measure which many infection [is] seed fish or if [at] adult size measure goldfish even also will be able to infection. Its symptom [of] easy him perceived that is with existence of white fleck [at] part of body which [is] infection. fish which [is] infection rub its body [at] base / wall of[is place of conducting.

Fish seen to gasp for breath especially if the parasite [is] gill infection. In the situation that way usually death of fish will be high, because natural fish [of] trouble absorbtion of oxygen effect [of] its infection [of] fish gill. Prevention of this disease that is for example Usage of water which [is] its quality [of] used Equipments balk shall didesinfeksi beforehand. Maintaining temperature irrigate [at] level 28°C. Medication of fish which [is] infection can be [done/conducted] by: soaking fish which [is] infection with mixture of formalin 25 ppm during 24 [hour/clock]. Moving fish to water with temperature 28°C will assist to moult the parasite.

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