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Breeding fish

Breeding .

breeding as one part of the reproduction represent cycle link [of] life determining the continuity of species life. Addition of fish population base on succeeding this breeding [him/ it] as well as base on the condition of where fish larva and egg later expand. Therefore in fact breeder claim a[n certainty for the security [of] continuity of its clan life by chosening place, beneficial condition and time. Pursuant to this matter [of] breeder every fish species have different habit depended to that breeder habitat to pass off its process. Under normal circumstances fish pass off breeding of minimum once in one cycling its life such as those which there are [at] fish of salmon and of sidat. After [doing/conducting] breeder, fish mains [of] death because running out of of energy.

Most of all fish pembiakan [him/it] pursuant to sexual reproduction that is the happening of association of cell produce sexual organ which in the form of egg of female fish and spermatozoa of masculine fish. Of [both/ second] association kinds of the cell will be formed [by] new individual to add the level of population. [both/ second] Association kinds of cell of sex mentioned there [is] that happened in body ( impregnation in or internal fertilisasi) and there [is] also that happened outside body ( eksternal fertilisasi).

Fish performing [a] internal fertilisasi have supply of body to ascertain to succeeding- [him/ it] of fertilisasi mentioned with special organ ( organ copulatory) for this. The organ usually there are [at] just masculine fish, like clasper [at] fish faction of Elasmobranchia, pterygopod [at] ray fish faction ( still Elasmobranchia), gonopodium [at] Set of relatives of Poeciliidae and some other species. Fish of Elasmobranchia in general [do/conduct] internal fertilisasi, while fish of teleost which have been known to [do/conduct] this matter [is] Set Of Relatives of Poeciliidae, Goodidae, Yeninsiidae and of Anablepidae.

Source : M. Ichsan Effendie, 1997

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