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Knowledge concerning fekunditas represent one of [the] aspect playing a part important in fishery biology. Fish Fekunditas have been studied not only representing one of [the] aspect of history natural, but in fact there [is] its [relation/link] with population dynamics study, nature of rasial, production and problem of stok-rekruitmen ( Bagenal, 1978). From fekunditas indirectly we earn to appraise the amount of fry to be yielded and will determine also the amount of fish in pertinent age class. In this [relation/link] of course there [is] other factors which play a part important and very hand in glove its [relation/link] with strategy reproduce in order to maintaining attendance of that species [in] nature.

Besides, fekunditas represent a[n subyek able to correspond to all kinds of condition especially with response to food. Amount of [released] egg represent one link link [among/between] one generation with next generation, but in general [there] no clear [relation/link] [among/between] fekunditas with amount of yielded egg.

Kinds of fekunditas. Have many efforts to explain and make definition concerning fekunditas. Possible nearest definition with its truth [is] like what there are [at] fish of Salmon ( Onchorynchus Sp). This Fish during its life only once breeding and later;then die.

All eggs to be [released] [by] when breeding that's such with fekunditas. But because that existing fish species all kinds of in character each, hence some researcher pursuant to to mentioned [common/ public] definition more developing again definition of fekunditas referring to [his/its] accurate aspects. For example difficulty of arising out in determining that fekunditas [is] heterogeneous egg composition, maturity storey;level of gonad which [do] not [is] uniform the than fish population intended, different breeding time and others. Bagenal ( 1978) differentiating [among/between] fekunditas that is amount of matured egg to be [released] with fertilitas that is amount of matured egg which [released] by mains.

According to Nikolsky ( 1963) amount of egg which there are in fish ovari named [by] individual fekunditas, absolute fekunditas or total fekunditas. In this case reckon egg which [is] its different size measure. Therefore in reckoning [him/ it] have to involve all egg size measure and each have to get [is] same opportunity. Its consequence have to take egg of some part of ovari ( if non with method of numerikal). If there [is] clear egg looked to be its different size measure in different area with [is] same treatment have to be [counted/calculated] is separate. But in the year 1969, Nikolsky hereinafter express that individual fekunditas [is] the amount of egg of that year generation to be [released] [by] that year also.

Source : M. Ichsan Effendie

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