Minggu, 17 Agustus 2008

Fish of Mustelus canis and Sphyrna tiburo in fact fish of vivipar......

Fish of Mustelus canis and Sphyrna tiburo in fact fish of vivipar, but [at] start of growth of [his/its] egg for a few month;moon like fish of ovovivipar. Its egg which containing many egg yolk represent food for the growth of mentioned embryo before formed [his/its] [of] placenta. Every egg form external network of egg yolk so that finally like staying in separate room. Later;Then from uterus also grow network which finally will [is] braiding each other with network coming from egg [is] so that formed [by] a kind of placenta. Bar egg yolk will patch [at] a kind of mentioned placenta, where embryo later;then will accept its food from mains. A period of/to containing fish faction of Elasmobranchia unegual ovovivipar. Fish of Myliobastis bovine a period of/to containing four months [it], Trygon Violacea two months , three-month Urolophus Halleri and Squalus acanthias two months . Fish of Mustelus canis which [is] pregnant vivipar during ten months. Differ from fish faction of vivipar and of ovovivipar, fish make of ovipar representing majority of fish exist in its egg fruit breeding time outside body. [released] egg of fruit mains body by masculine fish by is assorted [is] way of. All behaviour [done/conducted] by the fish when breeding aim to [so that/ to be] all [released] [to] egg earn fruit better. fishs of Ovipar there [is] also paying attention its clan [of] goodness by making den for this or by putting and protecting its clan [at] certain place place [at] female or masculine mains body or [at] other place. Fish faction of ovipar such usually have small fecundity. On the contrary heedless fish [is] its clan generally have big fecundity, but its it[him] big also. Most fish of ovipar have time of marry certain which [done/conducted] per annum regularly. [In] area have season [to] four, [at] every its season there [is] fishs of ovipar which marry, each [doing/conducting] [him/ it] once one year. Fish faction which marry in spring will remarry [at] next yrs. [in] [is] same season. That way also fishs which marry [at] other season. Source M. Ichsan Effendie, 1997.

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