Selasa, 19 Agustus 2008

Fish of Pelagophils

Fish of Pelagophils. Prolific [in] open or free territorial water where egg result of breeder of [it] will float, go down downwards or climb of surface. [The] mentioned base on to specific gravity spawn determined by oil item content in egg and habit of place marry. Sea fishs a lot is the including into this fish faction. After marrying this fishs take no account of its clan will and all egg left [by] [in] area pembiakan [it]. Even though that fish have [done/conducted] the effort where behaviour when breeder of [it] aim to [so that/ to be] all the [releasing] egg earn fruit. fishs of phytophils, lithophils, and psamophils of pelagophils which have been told above [is] fish which [do] not take care of its clan or take no account of its childs. But there [is] also fish of ovipar paying attention its clan [of] goodness by making den before [doing/conducting] marriage, and there [is] also paying attention its clan after happened marriage, that is with menyimpan or protect its clan [at] certain places like [at] masculine fish body, female or [at] other place. Fish group performing [a] protection to its clan this generally have compared to small fecundity [of] fish of ovipar which [do] not [do/conduct] protection. ovipar fish making den and also pay attention its clan [is] a lot [do] not leave its den. Mentioned den there [is] representing circle, there [is] representing underside of or stone of obyek other and there [is] also representing hole in land;ground. There [is] also made den of adrift spume on the surface of and taken care of by fish mains around it. fish protecting its clan by other [is] by putting down egg to part of masculine fish body or female fish. fish placing fruit egg which have in mouth there are [at] fish of mujair ( Oreochromis_Spp.) and some fish species which including fish group of catfish for example [at] fish of Arius sagor. And so do [at] pipe fish placing its childs [at] part of its body. source M. Ichsan Effendie, 1997.

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