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Lobster Freshwater

Lobster Freshwater.

Differ from prawn pole, lobster can be marketed [by] goodness as prawn consume and also as aquarium decoration. That is why prospect of lobster much more [is] open compared to other prawn commodity. This Lobster in a short time become primadona because amendable [in] basin bargain.

Recognition of Type. Lobster [is] generally arrested from coast. Coastal fisherman Baron [is], Yogyakarta with dinghy swim and catch lobster among rocks, [is] later;then sold [by] [in] coast or sent to buyer. Nowadays, freshwater lobster can be developed [by] [in] lawn pool, [is] same as other bream commodity. Freshwater Lobster ( Cherax Sp.) [is] one of [the] pertained gender [is] crustacea ( prawn nation) which entire/all cycling its life happened [in] freshwater. its big Body size measure naturally. Its body consist of two shares, that is head ( body and cephalotorax) ( abdomen). There [is] part of [among/between] him that is subcephalotorax. Entire/All its body [is] blanketed with cangkang of[is known as carapace which [is] Iihat vitamin berbahan gore with horn or kitin.

Chosen Mains of lobster.
Chosening mains of lobster supposing chosen human being which will marry will sit side by side [in] decorative weding-bed. Each have to mature egg and may not wrong to determine its gender. May not both male or both is female. As for its characteristics as follows. Mains characteristic which with quality is.

- Existence of located circular hole which located in third foot/feet base
- nip femalely [is] level of [is] same or only 1,5 times first internode
- compared to Darker colour [of] its couple
- Age 6-8 months
- Heavy reach 30
- Length 18 - 20 cm.

- Owning gibbosity [in] fifth road;street foot/feet handle base
- male have to nip which level of 2-3 times first internode
- Colour more fair
- Old age 6-8 months
- Heavy 30
- Length 18-20 cm.

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