Senin, 11 Agustus 2008

Recognition of Type of Pangasius (Patin)

Frequently there [is] briny fish product which sold with fish lable of patin, though in fact [is] briny fish [of] bread jambal which (it) is true represent briny fish ossify one. Usually, patin very [is] delicious cooked as gulai, pepes, or other scalloping. But, patin cannot be fried crunchy like gourami, goldfish and also tilapia.

Recognition of Type. Fish of Patin have long body and is not scaly. its Body length can reach 120 cm. silvery white Chromatic body, while rather blue chromatic back. Form lead small relative Mouth reside in at the end of rather side under with two sensuous moustache tide as a means of. Back fish fin of patin have hard radius which turn into big and jagged patil [in] side its back. Soft radius [of] its back fin there [is] 6 or 7. [At] part of its back there are infinitesimal fairish fat fin. Fin go with the tide in form of symmetrical intersection.

its Anus fin [of] length consist of 30-33 soft radius, while stomach fin have 6 soft radius. Chest fin have 12-13 soft radius with a hard radius which turn into pricker appliance. Patin in fact [is] name for local fish of spread over Pangasius-Pangasius [in] Kalimantan and Sumatra. Nowadays, name of patin weared and popular to mention fish coming from Thailand, Pangasius Sutchi, what [is] before now recognized by the name of bangkok lele. recognized Patin now consist of ordinary patin which and albino patin which [is] white chromatic and red-eyed.

source : Heru Susanto

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