Minggu, 17 Agustus 2008

Result of internal fertilisasi [of] fish of vivipar .............

Result of internal fertilisasi [of] fish of vivipar when its child [is] borne [is] fishs individual which have almost perfect like mains fish and to early life in territorial water [shall] no longger base on mains but to effort alone. Equally its mains [shall] no longger ' give provisions to its child after that child [is] borne. fry of Vivipar when in mains content get food and [release] its dirt [pass/through] a kind of placenta which have a lot or vili of trophonemata and equiped by capillary vein.

Other the things of with mammal faction, fish of vivipar a period of/to containing [him/ it] can change. Because that fish [of] poikilothermal, hence if territorial water temperature progressively increase from usually, a period of/to that fish content can become short progressively, or on the contrary. While fry able to be contained by its mains pursuant to to is big [of] its mains. Ever greater [of] mains more and more fry able to contain of. However [at] fish of vivipar able to contain child a lot of, usually borne children [it] [do] not fully like mains but in the form of larva.

source : M. Ichsan Effendie, 1997

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