Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

way of keeping gland of hipofise fish

way of keeping gland of hipofise fish.

Exploiting of gland of hipofise effective [is] at the most one [hour/clock] since dead fish. But, if supply of gland of hipofise had [by] quite a lot hence the glands can be conserved. Important matter which require to be paid attention in moth-balls gland [is] the gland have to come from fish which have matured genitals.

Because of, [among/between] big fish and which [is] gland size measure [is] [is] same hipofise relative hence during depository have to be remembered [by] weight of[is each fish which [is] its gland [is] kept. This matter require to anticipate [by] because a time gap [among/between] early depository and its use possible sufficiently long is. Depository [of] gland of hipofise in general can be [done/conducted] with two way of, that is using alcohol and acetone.

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