Sabtu, 13 September 2008

fish conducting in drum ( Silo )

fish conducting in drum ( Silo ).
1. Low Expense
2. needed Materials modestly
3. way of easy making
4. easy to in control
5. harvested easy and quickly.

engineering and materials of[is place of
1. plastic drum
2. pipe of paralon
3. drum pallet ( can from wood)

low expense if/when compared to other conducting [of] drum system [do] not require wide [of] areal, its materials modestly conducting beside / house yard.

1. near by the source of and water of continue
2. close to enough water more or less 10 litre / minute
3. source of higher water of water level in

fish type drum
1. Positive Reotaksis
2. Respon to side dish
3. Hold up life [at] high density ( narrow;tight farm
4. economics.

side dish.
dose depended fish size measure.

[about/around] 3 months.

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