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Deplesi ( insuffiency ) oxygen represent one of [the] environmental factor which often become cause losing of fish, especially [in] pool which containing many organic materials. Influence lacking of oxygen to losing of fish [in] pool earn happened directly and also indirectly.

At the (time) of oxygen content in very low water, most existing fish will die, except some species capable to take direct oxygen from the air. Indirectly, lacking of oxygen can cause fish become stres so that [is] easy to attacked by organism cause of disease. To overcome the the loss require to study to [regarding/ hit] factors influencing oxygen deplesi.

Primary factor influencing oxygen concentration [in] pool [is] fotosintesa, oxygen diffusion and respirasi from the air into water. [At] fertile pool ( rich of water plant and fitoplankton) during Daytime will happened photosynthesis process yielding many oxygen, so that oxygen concentration [in] pool exceed requirement for respirasi.

At night process photosynthesis desisted [by] but process of respirasi remain to take place, so that happened lacking of oxygen because oxygen content in pool become very lowly. process of Respirasi hand in glove [of] its bearing with underwater oxygen concentration. The increasing of speed of respirasi will quicken degradation of oxygen concentration, except to [of] pool equiped [by] the source of air ( irrigate pump). Fast [of] respirasi [in] pool influenced by:

" Existing Organisms.

Plant irrigate besides yielding oxygen [pass/through] photosynthesis process also will use oxygen for the process of respirasi, good [of] night and also noon. super growth of plant irrigate in the reality will improve oxygen content [in] surface coat while [in] deeper water coat often experience of lacking of oxygen because happened teduhan effect.

Besides water flora and plankton, organism of heterotrof ( bacterium, protozoa, zooplankton, fish and others) also will consume oxygen a spell of.

" organic Materials content.

high organic Materials content cause oxygen content in downhill water because used by decomposition organism for respirasi. Directly or indirectly result of the decomposition will improve protozoa population and of zooplankton, so that will improve also consume oxygen.

" Water temperature.

The increasing of water temperature will degrade ability of water to fasten oxygen, so that mount saturation of underwater oxygen also will be downhill. Make-Up of temperature also will quicken fastly [of] respirasi and thereby accelerate pengunaan of oxygen also mount.

Though [do] not counted photosynthesis process, oxygen diffusion from the air into water will improve oxygen concentration in water. Besides naturally, process oxygen diffusion can be improved. made inly. There are some Way of able to be [done/conducted] to overcome lacking of oxygen [in] pool, that is:

" By biologis.
Prevention lacking of oxygen by biologis can be [done/conducted] by balancing pool [pass/through] election of good combination [among/between] producer of organism and oxygen using oxygen

" mechanicly.
Preventive lacking of oxygen mechanicly cover effort improve oxygen diffusion into water made inly, for example using other air-pump or aerator.

" chemically.
Though seldom be used, usage of superfospat ( gypsum mixture, CaSo4' and fospat monokalsium) have proven can cause precipitation of organic particle because tied Ca and at the (time) of [is] same [of] fospat will stimulate growth of population of fitoplankton new, so that happened photosynthesis process.

source : Ir. Eddy Afrianto dan Ir. Evi Liviawaty,1993

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