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requirements in the cultivation of freshwater fish

requirements in the cultivation of freshwater fish

In cultivating fish in the pool or pond there are some requirements that need to be known, including among others:

1. Water Sources
In the selection of places to fish farming need to pay attention to water resources. These water sources must be sufficient and adequate. These water sources can come from rivers, irrigation flow, as well as springs. water source available throughout the year as far as possible with adequate discharge. one example in a goldfish requires a water supply with a debit 10-16 liters / sec / ha.

2. Soil type and slope
in building a pool should pay attention to soil type and slope. ponds are built should have a clay type of soil or sandy loam (sandy clay) so it is not porous. The slope of the land used for fish culture should have a slope of 50-10 degrees and water conditions will thus facilitate the drainage of water by gravity.

3. Water Quality
Water used for fish farming must meet the required quality. water used is not harmful, do not contain harmful toxins and can grow natural food.
general water quality parameters for doing a good fish farming are:
a. Temperature: 25-30 degrees Celsius
b. Water pH: 6.5 to 8.5
c. DO (dissolved oxygen): at least 3 ppm
d. Levels of Ammonia (NH3): maximum 0.5 ppm

4. Far from waste disposal sites
locations used for fish farming should be far from industrial waste and household waste from

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