Senin, 25 Agustus 2008

type of aerator

type of aerator

a. Gravity Aerator ( Influence of gravity ).
principal : dropping water so that happened contact irrigate with air which is more.

kinds of :
1. Weir with splash board
2. Weir with paddle wheel
3. Weir with rotating board
4. Weir with inclined plane without hole
5. Weir with inclined plane with hole
6. Lattice aerator
7. Riser with perporated aprous

b. Surface Aerator ( Surface ).
Principal : mixing water which have there [is] in pool by transmitting into the air or make its surface become wide [of] is ( surging)

c. Diffusier Aerator ( mixing ).
Principle : mixing air have oxygen [to] in water so that the more water which mixed with air

d. Turbine Aerator ( paddle wheel)

e. Combination 2 or more a until d.

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