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sea cucumber as Antiangiogenesis, Anti tumor and Improve;Repair Bone

Antiangiogenesis, Anti tumor and Improve;Repair Bone.

sea-cucumber benefit dissipate tumor have been proved [by] Barrel of Y, dkk, of Division of Farmakologi Anti tumor, State Key Laboratory Drug Research of, Shanghai Institute Materia Medica of, Chinese Academy Sciences of, Shanghai, China. Barrel Insulation of saponin sulphate of sea-cucumber of Pentancta quadrangulari of[is so-called philinopside A. By inseminating 2-10 Mikroliter A philinopside [at] mouse aorta, forming of micro vein [of] barn ( angiogenesis) [at] tumor cell can be prevented. As a result, tumor cell [do] not get input of nutrisi so that cell [do] not expand and finally die. That result prove that philinopside, A [at] sea-cucumber have potency [to] as anti tumor.

[In] Russia, GENERAL Popov, expert research into from Pacific Institute Bioorganic Chemistry of, Far East Division Russian Academy Sciences of the of, Vladivostok, Russia, also check sea-cucumber khasiat to overcome tumor. he compare effect of sitotoksik [among/between] ginseng and sea-cucumber. [At] [gift/ giving] 5-20 ginsenosida-karbohidrat mikrogram of ginseng, [do] not give effect of sitotoksik which [is] signifikan. While glikosida of sea-cucumber like A echinosida and of B, A holothurin and of B, A1 holotoxin, and G1 curcumariosida, having activity of sitotoksik signifikan. That thing confirm sea-cucumber benefit which [is] have potency [to] as anti tumor and anti cancer.

Dr Mittchell Kurk, medical director [of] Biomedical Revitalization Center Lawrence of, New York, showing sea-cucumber improve health of physical to 70% patient chafe or joint linu and stiff bone. Sea-Cucumber have component of kondroprotektif improve;repairing young bone by stimulating metabolism of anabolis kondrosit and also pursue reaction of pain in bone moment katabolisme. sea-cucumber in this time only fulfilled from haul [in] sea and [his/its] population [is] estimated downhill progressively, so that this matter become challenge to man of science pre and researcher. cis Electroplated from various article which have been loaded [by] Magazine of Trubus, and Sea-Cucumber www.kesehatan.com which have been dried.

Source : News Market Fish, Directorate Marketing Of Home Affairs Directorate General Processing and Marketing Of Result Fishery of Department Oceaninc and Fishery of Indonesia, 2007.

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